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Catalyzing Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development

Established in 2014, ISEES is a non-profit institution that provides professional technical training, research, consultancy, community development and deployment of climate smart technologies in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, climate change, environmental conservation, natural resources management, water, sanitation and Hygiene aimed at improving the livelihoods and environment of households, farmers, communities and small enterprises in Ghana and Africa.

Our Vision

A world where all people have access to clean and efficient energy solutions, healthy food, living in environmentally sustainable ecosystems and have improved livelihoods.

Our Mission

To empower youth, farmers and communities with professional, ethnical and employable skills in the green economy sector while facilitating access to modern, affordable and sustainable energy, healthy food and environmental solutions to households, farmers, SMEs and communities through capacity building, research, technology development and deployment, sustainable market development, business incubation and acceleration, advisory services, and inclusive growth to achieve sustainable development in Ghana and Africa.

our Focus Areas


Access to modern, affordable and reliable energy products and services is a precondition for development. ISEES promotes access to clean energy (solar, clean cookstoves, and biogas, waste to energy technologies) for households and small enterprises in Ghana. ISEES also advocates for energy efficiency by promoting behavioral change communication and the deployment of efficient appliances for households and institutions in Ghana and Africa.


Promotion of Climate Smart Solutions for addressing mitigation and adaptation actions for local communities, SMEs and households is key to achieving the Nationally Determined Contributions to Climate Change. ISEES provides capacity building, climate reporting, research, and climate smart technologies in agriculture, energy and environment to help contribute to Sustainable Development and help achieve the Paris Agreements.


Environmental conservation and ecosystem restoration through initiatives that enhances biodiversity and ensures sustainable use of natural resources, is key to ISEES mission. We subscribe to the convention on biodiversity and supports communities and government to achieve our commitment towards biodiversity conservation and natural resources management in Ghana and Africa.


ISEES believes in sustainable utilization of natural resources for improved livelihoods of vulnerable and deprived communities.
ISEES empowers local communities to sustainably utilize their natural resources in enhancing green economy.
ISEES provides capacity building, technology support, advisory services, micro-financing and value addition skills to enable rural households and SMEs to increase their incomes and improve their livelihoods through local economic development to achieve goal 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals.


ISEES promotes human development with a focus on access to water, sanitation, and health in Ghana and Africa. This is done through community education, installation of clean water solutions(water filtering pumps), improved technology for sanitation, and occupational health for households and small and medium scale enterprises. ISEES promotes sanitation through waste management, waste to energy (biogas, Anaerobic Baffled Reactors, Reverse Engineering for water purification), and also protection of water bodies.


Enhancing Sustainable Land Management, Permaculture, AgroEcology and solutions to protect the environment whiles improving yield of crops for small holder farmers in Ghana is key to producing healthy food for a healthy population. ISEES integrates agroforestry practices, organic farming, integration of renewable energy solutions in agriculture such as solar irrigation, solar dryers, among others to help small holder farmers to use ecosystem based approaches to enhance food security in Ghana and Africa.

Message from the Director

The passion to identify and develop solutions to the many energy and environmental challenges in Ghana and Africa drives the mission for which ISEES was established. A pragmatic institution that delivers solutions at the grassroots level as well as influencing policies through evidence based approaches helps us to contribute to sustainable development. Through research, advocacy, capacity building, the development and deployment of innovative climate smart technologies, incubating and growing sustainable businesses, ISEES hopes to contribute to sustainable development through sustainable partnerships with national governments, private sector and development partners globally.

Lovans Owusu Takyi

Director, Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solutions (ISEES)

What we've been up to


Clean Cookstoves Promotion

ISEES believes in promoting access to clean cookstoves and sustainable fuels to households and institutions to improve the health, livelihoods and Ecosystem of women and reduce climate change and deforestation. We further support entrepreneurs who produce these technologies through our cleancooking innovation center, we produce and supply these innovations to local communities. 

Read more about our initiatives in promoting cleancooking in Ghana 


Affordable Solar Lighting

ISEES promotes access to affordable solar lighting solutions to households and institutions. Through education, technology deployment, project development and behavioral change communication to enhance energy access. – Read more about our programs at 


Energy for Productive use

To enhance productivity in small and medium scale enterprises, agro-processing associations, industries and institutions, ISEES promotes deployment of technologies for businesses to improve efficiency in a safe way. Solar dryers, solar generators, solar powered electric bicycles, solar cooling devises and institutional cookstoves.


Access to Sustainable Sanitation

ISEES under its water and sanitation division is promoting access to sustainable household toilets, and biogas systems to reduce the challenge of open defecation in rural areas and urban slum communities in Ghana and Africa.


Waste to Energy (Biogas) Solutions for Households and Institutions

ISEES seeks to promote biogas technologies for liquid waste treatment in communities in Ghana and Africa. ISEES is a member of the Biogas Association of Ghana and also represents on the Executive Board of BAG


Behavioral Change Communication

ISEES Community Development and Outreach Unit enhances behavioral change communication, awareness and education in local communities to drive access to energy and environmental solutions at grassroots level.


Recent Posts

How we do it

Training & Capacity Building

Seminars, Workshops, Professional and Technical Skills Training in Energy, Agriculture and Environmental Solutions

Research and Policy Advocacy

ISEES conducts evidenced based research for knowledge development and policy advocacy for both government agencies and private sector

Consultancy & Advisory Services

ISEES provides advisory services to private sector, developmetn partners, governement with a team of experts that deliver quality results for development projects

Community Development & Outreach

For behavioral change communication and mindset change, ISEES conducts community outreach to educate people about energy and environmental solutions

Technology Deployment

ISEES conducts research to develop climate smart technologies in energy environment and agriculture for improved human lives.

Sustainable Market Development

ISEES Market Development Unit specializes in developing innovative business models for improved access to sustainable technologies

Business Incubation

ISEES develops sustainable businesses in the energy and environment sectors through nurturing innovative ideas by youth and start ups in Ghana and Africa

Inclusive Business Development

ISEES seeks to enhance inclusive business approaches by involving marginalized youth, women and entrepreneurs in the energy access value chain


Seminars and Workshops Organized


Lives Engaged


Lives Empowered


Climate smart technologies deployed


The Education Unit is focused on providing professional, technical and academic training courses in sustainability. The courses involves short courses focused on technical and vocational skills, managerial and entrepreneurial skills to enhance the capacity of youth, practitioners and managers in sustainable energy and environmental solutions. Please see below our academic and training programs and register.

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

Coretta Scott King

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