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As part of efforts to promote renewable energy development in Ghana, ISEES was represented at the renewable energy fair to showcase innovations and initiatives being implemented by ISEES at the forum.

As part of the initiatives includes the exhibition of programs, projects at the renewable energy fair.

Keen among the exhibition booths was the demonstration of the digital global Biogas Cooperation Project booth, that was set up to interact with participants at the fair on the Ghana European Biogas technologies and options available

Secondly, ISEES set up a booth for the Ethanol Cooking Initiative for West Africa and showcased the cleancook ethanol stoves and fuels at the seminar as well as the Kike ethanol stoves to interact with people and demonstrate the potential of cooking with ethanol at the REFair

ISEES also set up a booth in partnership with Sustainable Energy Technologies Limited to showcase improved technologies being developed in briquettes and pellets stoves, improved charcoal briquette stoves, among others showcased at the fair.

The REFAIR provided the opportunity to network and interact with people, educate participants on the importance of clean cooking at the fair and the benefits to be gained by renewable energy adoption.

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