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What we do


Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

ISEES believes that access to modern, affordable and reliable energy products and services is a precondition for development. ISEES promotes renewable energy and energy efficient solutions to households, communities…continue reading 


Climate Change

Promotion of Climate Smart Solutions for addressing mitigation and adaptation actions for local communities, SMEs and households is key to achieving the Nationally Determined Contributions to Climate Change. ISEES provides capacity building…continue reading 


Biodiversity Conservation & Natural Resources Management

ISEES promotes environmental conservation with focus on protecting biodiversity and wildlife, forest and mangroves conservation, tree planting through community based participatory approaches to improve…continue reading


Livelihood Empowerment

ISEES believes in sustainable utilization of natural resources for improved livelihoods of especially deprived communities. With focus on unemployed youth, women, trade associations, farmers and agro-processors to improve incomes…continue reading 

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Water Sanitation and Hygiene

Access to Water and Sustainable Sanitation products and services enhances community development. ISEES promotes solutions that enables communities, households and SMEs get access to clean water, and sanitation solutions…continue reading


Conservation Agriculture

Enhancing Sustainable Land Management, Permaculture, AgroEcology and solutions to protect the environment whiles improving yield of crops for small holder farmers in Ghana is key to producing healthy food for a healthy population…continue reading