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As part of ISEES decarbonizing homes program aimed at promoting clean cooking to over 50000 households by 2025, ISEES has launched the Ghana Ethanol Cooking Initiative to promote clean ethanol for households and restaurants in peri-urban areas of Ghana.

As part of the ISEES Ethanol Cooking Initiative, ISEES will be conducting indepth research into the feasible feedstock for ethanol production, partner with relevant stakeholders to develop and market innovative clean ethanol cookstoves, engage with stakeholders and promote policy alternatives to drive ethanol cooking in Ghana.

The initiative will also support innovations by entrepreneurs and youth to develop locally made ethanol cookstoves as well as ethanol fuels from various feedstock in a way to enhance the technology development and entrepreneurship in Ghana.

The Ethanol Cooking Initiative will also promote market development for ethanol cookstoves technology providers in the Ghana and West African sub-region and provide advisory support services to facilitate the market entry and market development for ethanol cookstoves in Ghana

ISEES will also facilitate end-user engagements to develop sustainable market segments for ethanol cookstoves in rural and peri-urban areas of Ghana, through market segmentation analysis, willingness to pay analysis, market activation campaigns, distributors and end-user groups engagements, signing up of distributors, and developing innovative financing schemes to enhance adoption of ethanol cookstoves by rural and peri-urban households in Ghana.

The Ethanol Cooking Initiative is part of ISEES broader program of Energizing Modern Cooking Program in Ghana under ISEES Clean Cooking Innnovation Center that seeks to drive sustainable markets for ethanol cooking, solar induction cooking, Smart LPG stoves and biomass Gasifier stoves in Ghana and West Africa.