Programme Overview

This program seeks to promote access to solar-powered irrigation systems for 500 small-holder farmers to improve off-season irrigation, all year round farming to enhance productivity and incomes of smallholder farmers in Ghana and Africa. The program will focus on commercial fruits, vegetables, and crop farmers to enable them to increase production in the off-season

The Bottleneck

Due to climate change and resulting variability in rainfall patterns, as well as the rain-fed agriculture practice in Ghana, food crop farmers are unable to achieve the right productive yield they usually expect and their crops always go bad, or they have to depend on laborious watering of their crops year-round as well as purchase fuel for their diesel-powered pumps that make cropping expensive

Programme Solution

The program seeks to use innovative business models to help food crop farmers in urban and rural areas get access to efficient solar-powered pumping systems to water their crops in order to help them cultivate all year round as well as increase their incomes and productivity. About 500 solar water pumping systems will be distributed to Rural farmers and low-income farmers will be supported through crowdfunding and improved extension services to be able to improve their yield.

Sakeholder Engagement

Farmers will also be supported with improved extension services to improve their yield and productivityWe hope to achieve increased food security through this initiative.ISEES seeks partnership with private sector and development partners to help realize and exceed this programs targets

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