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Promoting Household Energy houses


This program seeks to reduce indoor air pollution in rural households by promoting energy access with clean cooking, sustainable fuels and lighting solutions to 1000 low-income households and agro-processing women groups in rural and peri-urban areas in Ghana and Africa by 2025.It is estimated that about 73% of rural households in Ghana and 1.3 billion people in Africa depend on solid fuels, charcoal, and firewood using inefficient cookstoves for cooking. This contributes to deforestation, high energy expenditure, and climate change as well as indoor air pollution which according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) contributes to the deaths of about 17000 people in Ghana each year including women and children.

The Decarbonizing Homes Sub-Program seeks to reduce indoor air pollution, takes smoke away from households through the education and technology, inclusive business models, innovative end-user financing schemes to facilitate access to clean cooking and fuel solutions for rural and peri-urban households in Ghana. This will further contribute to addressing climate and health issues associated with indoor air pollution and reduce deaths of women and children in Ghana and Africa.

ISEES is grateful for the support of the Canadian High Commission, the French Embassy in Ghana, SNV Ghana, Ghana Climate Innovation Center and Partners, USAID Sustainable Fisheries Management Project and People’s Dialogue in their efforts to helping us reach 30% of our program goals by 2019. 

Marketing Development


Educating women in Ga West, Amasaman on cleancookstoves

Women group leaders in Ga West educated on clean cooking technologies

Educating Women in Tema

Women in Tema Municipality educated on clean cookstoves and energy technologies

Door to door engagements on energy needs in local communities

ISEES engaged in door to door interviews, research to understand energy needs of local communities and develop initiatives to address those needs especially regarding adoption, willingness to pay, technological barriers to access etc

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