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How We Do It

How we do it

Training & Capacity Building

Seminars, Workshops, Professional and Technical Skills Training in Energy, Agriculture and Environmental Solutions

Research and Policy Advocacy

ISEES conducts evidenced based research for knowledge development and policy advocacy for both government agencies and private sector

Consultancy & Advisory Services

ISEES provides advisory services to private sector, developmetn partners, governement with a team of experts that deliver quality results for development projects

Community Development & Outreach

For behavioral change communication and mindset change, ISEES conducts community outreach to educate people about energy and environmental solutions

Technology Deployment

ISEES conducts research to develop climate smart technologies in energy environment and agriculture for improved human lives.

Sustainable Market Development

ISEES Market Development Unit specializes in developing innovative business models for improved access to sustainable technologies

Business Incubation

ISEES develops sustainable businesses in the energy and environment sectors through nurturing innovative ideas by youth and start ups in Ghana and Africa

Inclusive Business Development

ISEES seeks to enhance inclusive business approaches by involving marginalized youth, women and entrepreneurs in the energy access value chain

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Postal Address:
University Box LG 658,
University of Ghana, Legon, Accra

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Where to find us

Westland Boulevard Rd. Rawlings Circle,
Madina Estates,
GM - 022-095 (GPS) Accra Ghana.