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ISEES Household Energy Program, seeks to promote access to affordable, efficient and reliable energy products and services to improve the livelihoods, environment and health of households in Ghana and parts of the West African subregion.

At ISEES, we believe that access to modern, affordable and reliable energy products and services is a precondition for development. The household energy program seeks to find innovative means of helping rural, peri-urban and off-grid households gain access to sustainable energy and environmental products and services.

Energy products such as solar lanterns, solar home systems, clean Cookstoves using various fuels (pellets, charcoal, briquettes, ethanol and fuelwood stoves), water purification equipment, energy efficient LED Bulbs and fans among others are key to improving energy access in households.

Principal among beneficiaries are urban slum dwellers, rural households, and off grid households.

ISEES seeks to use innovative business models to help households gain access to renewable energy products and services, through a save to own business models, last mile entrepreneurs, youth network of distributors and education oriented models that helps increase access, in addition to after sales services, through training of local artisans in an inclusive business approach.