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Wind Energy in Ghana

Ghana has about 2,000 MW of raw potential for wind energy as shown in the Wind Energy Resource Map of Ghana in Figure 2.11. Satellite data provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of USA under the UNEP SWERA Project indicates that the annual average wind speed along the Ghana-Togo border is above 8m/s. It is currently reliably projected that over 300 MW installed capacity of wind farm could be established at the coastal part to generate over 500 GWh to supplement the nation’s energy supply.

The wind direction in the country is predominately southwest. Wind speed data collection for energy purposes was initiated in 1999. From this period wind resource measurements have been undertaken at 13 sites along the coast at 12 metres or more above ground level. The Volta River Authority is erecting a 100MW Wind Power Plant at Kpone, near Tema that is expected to be commissioned in 2015.

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