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What we do 2

ISEES does a number of programs and activities

1. Research and Knowledge Development

2. Training and Capacity Building

3. Technology development and transfer

4. Policy Advocacy

5. Community development

6. Gender advocacy and governance


Areas of Operation

1. Sustainable and Clean Energy Solutions

a. Biomass Energy – (gasification, afforestation, community fuelwood plantations and management, briquetting of biomass waste etc)

b. Clean and Improved Cookstoves and Clean Fuels development, research, promotion and dissemination through market based approaches – for both households and Institutions

c. Solar Electricity and heating – PV lanterns research and dissemination solutions, Solar Street lights, Solar Home systems, Solar Water Pumping for community water supply and irrigation, Solar dryers and solar heaters for households and institutions – design, installation and promotion

d. Biogas

e. LPG research and development

f. REDD+ and Carbon Finance

g. Climate change mitigation and Adaptation

e. Small Hydro and mini-grid solutions


2. Sustainable Environmental Solutions

a. Water Sanitation and Hygeine

b. Sustainable toilets

c. Portable Water supply and distribution for comunities.

d. Waste Management

e. Waste to Energy

f. Dams and cross boarder water

h. Water conservation and protection.


3. Sustainable Community Development

a. Livelihoods improvement

b. Income generating Activities

c. Access to finance

d. Gender and youth capacity building

4. Food Security and Nutrition

a. Sustainable Agriculture and value chain development

b. Family nutrition

c. Agricultural marketing

d. Cooperatives development and capacity building

e. Research into alternative food production and marketing systems

f. Organic and Ecological farming and Permaculture Design

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