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ISEES is committed to researching and development of market based solutions for increasing access to clean cookstoves and solar lanterns for energy poor households in rural and peri-urban areas.

Innovative business models such as save to own, rent to own, pay as you go, pay roll model, last mile entrepreneurs and direct sales are being used to help poor people to have access to clean energy solutions.

ISEES as part of its Technology Deployment & Marketing Center actually distributes both household and institutional stoves, solar lanterns, home systems, car inverters, energy saving LED bulbs,  in urban, rural and peri-urban areas, using diverse business model approaches to get the solutions to the energy poor.

Through a Clean Energy Savings Scheme initiated in January 2016,  households and Small Enterprise owners are able to save money over a period of time as convenient to enable them gain access to clean energy Technologies. A savings passbook has been developed that enables small savings by women, youth and families to contribute to change their traditional technologies to clean technologies. The model is gaining ground and also contributing to financial inclusive education, inculcating savings culture in people.  

ISEES is partnering with microfinance institutions in various communities to enhance savings mobilization and education for increased access to clean energy technologies. ISEES invites partnerships with new microfinance institutions to support its savings scheme for clean energy access program.

This has been the heart beat of ISEES

ISEES has set up a Technology Deployment and Marketing Center – To further develop business models, train sales agents and enterpreneurs in clean cookstoves and solar lanterns deployment and provide them with trade credit through bulk purchases from manufacturers to reduce the end-user price to customers.

Through our technology deployment and marketing unit, innovative products – gasifier cookstoves, improved charcoal and firewood stoves, solar lanterns, solar home systems, car inverters, LED bulbs among others are deployed through sales entrepreneurs to households and institutions in all regions of Ghana. Currently we are in 5 regions and growing.

ISEES also develops knowledge through continuous evidence based research by trying to understand customer needs and expectations to be able to provide end-users with the relevant solutions to meet their needs.


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