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Environmental Sustainability

ISEES is committed to sustainable solutions for environmental conservation, biodiversity, climate change and eco-system restoration.

Thematic areas under our environmental department that ISEES seek to address include the following

1. Biodiversity

2. Climate Change

3. Land degradation

4. Sustainable forest management

5. Water availability, purity and sustainable management of water resources

6. Protection and sustainable management of local and International waters and trans-boundary water management

7. Chemicals


Under biodiversity

ISEES seeks to

1. increase the number of hectares of indigenous and community conserved areas

2. Increase the number of protected areas

3. Increase the number of hectares of significant ecosystems with improved conservation status.

4. Increase the number of hectares of production landscapes, seascapes applying sustainable use practices.

5. Increase the number of significant species within maintained or improved conservation status

6. Increase the total value of biodiversity products or ecosystem services produced.


In Climate Change

ISEES seeks to:

1. Increase the tonnes of CO2 avoided by implementing low carbon technologies through renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

2. Increase the number of community members demonstrating or deploying low green house gas (GHG) technologies.

3. Increase value of energy or technology services provided




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