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ISEES under the auspices of People’s Dialogue has trained 8 youth of Slum Dwellers International and Ghana Federation of Urban Poor (GFUF) in the construction of Improved Ahotor Fish Smoking Ovens to create employment for them.

The training was under the auspices of the Energy Justice Project of the People’s Dialogue. It involved the provision of both theoretical, practical and entrepreneurial skills in constructing stoves for fish smoking ovens for women groups in urban poor communities in Ghana.

The Ahotor Oven is an improved fish smoking oven that has about 35% efficiency over the chorkor smoker. It has an improved combustion chamber that reduces smoke emissions as well as reduced fuelwood consumption. It enhances the smoked fish quality for healthy fish. The Ahotor oven also has an inbuilt oil collector that collects the fish oil out of the smoking chamber thereby reducing the levels of polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on smoked fish, making it healthier and wholesome to eat and for exports.

The training was conducted by Lovans Owusu-Takyi and John Mark Addo, Senior Technical Officer of the Institute and coordinated by Frederick Agyeman of People’s Dialogue and Madam Janet of the Ghana Federation of Urban Poor.


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