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ISEES has developed programs to build capacity of youth in Ghana in renewable energy entrepreneurship. The training is aimed at enhancing technical knowledge and skills in solar entrepreneurship, biogas entrepreneurship, clean cookstoves entrepreneurship including business development and marketing skills that will provide youth with the capacity to promote access to renewable energy in Ghana. Trained youth will also be linked to financial institutions and energy manufacturers to be able to provide access to products for the deployment of solutions in rural and peri-urban areas of Ghana. This is hoped to create employment and improve the livelihoods of youth in Ghana whiles providing opportunities for the development of small scale enterprises in Ghana.

ISEES is looking for partnerships to train more unemployed youth in Ghana for the deployment of renewable energy and environmental solutions and services for sustained livelihoods in Ghana.

ISEES as part of efforts to develop youth capacity in business development has provided skill training for its staff in business development in order to provide advisory services for the youth and women involved in small enterprises in Ghana. This is also part of efforts to improve the “Sustainable Energy Business Development -(SEBUD) Program initiated by ISEES to enhance the development of small businesses involved in energy development in Ghana.

ISEES will also involve in Business Incubation Programs to help youth and entrepreneurs develop innovative green businesses in renewable energy, climate smart technologies and agro-processing in Ghana.

ISEES hopes that in 2016 to 2017 over 500 youth and entrepreneurs will be trained and supported to create sustainable businesses in the energy and environmental sectors in Ghana to address climate change and sustainable development issues in Ghana and Africa.

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