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The Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environenmental Solutions (ISEES) has launched its “Sustainable Energy Business Development (SEBUD) Program aimed at providing technical and business development advisory services to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and Social Enterprises involved in the production, distribution and Marketing of innovative energy and environmental solutions in Ghana.

The Program will provide business development training such as records keeping, enterpreneurship, financial management risk management, marketing and business management skills to SMEs and groups to enable them manage their businesses effectively.

ISEES through the SEBUD Program also provides advisory services such as preparation of business plans, grant proposals, marketing plans to enable SMEs access financial support as well as receive the insight to effectively manage their businesses professionally.

ISEES through the SEBUD Program provides financial support through linkages to micro finance to support SMEs to be able to access finances to increase their business growth. ISEES has introduced a Clean Energy Savings Scheme” to support end-user financing to increase access to clean energy solutions. However, this SEBUD Program gets SMEs, traders and distributors to gain access to low interest financing to access renewable energy products and services to increase support their businesses.

ISEES also supports SMEs in website designing, creating of social media presence, marketing solutions and other innovative ways through which SMEs in the green economy businesses can grow and become effective.

ISEES SEBUD Program is also engaged in recruitment of highly qualified experts and staff to support SMEs in their business growth.

ISEES is interested in partnering with institutions and organisations involved in business development of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises to improve the business growth and green economy in Ghana.

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Tel: 0264108268

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