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ISEES through it’s clean energy volunteer program provides skills development and capacity building for green businesses in Ghana and Africa through expert volunteers placement programs.


We recruit and train students, graduates and interns from tertiary institutions as well as experts from industry willing to volunteer time and skills to build sustainable businesses in local communities. International volunteers from other countries in Africa and Abroad are Aldo welcome to participate in this program.

Interns conduct research, training,  advisory services and technology transfer to rural and peri-urban households and SMEs,  in areas of business development,  renewable energy,  climate change, natural resource governance, ecosystem restoration,  agriculture,  agribusiness,  engineering and energy.


Placements are made at local  private companies, NGOs, community based organisations and local groups and associations. Interns learn and also support the growth of these businesses.


Interested people both interns and organisations should contact us on

[email protected]

Or tel 0264108268

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