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IMG_20160202_101631The Technology Deployment and Marketing Unit of ISEES is promoting access to clean cookstoves through development of sales outlets in the Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions of Ghana in the interim.

Market women who have never sold improved cookstoves have been introduced to clean cookstoves and linked to major producers to be able to access and market clean cookstoves to the general public as part of their product lines.

Creating sustainable markets is key to increasing access to clean and efficient energy solutions. However, knowledge of the benefits of clean cookstoves is still low among the general public and rural and peri-urban areas. Through ISEES technology deployment and marketing unit, innovative energy and environmental products are being made accessible to sales outlets to enable the general public get access to renewable energy technologies at an affordable rate.

ISEES through its Sustainable Energy Volunteers conducts day to day field visits to these sales outlets, to educate them and support them to get access to these energy products whiles providing a credit link with producers to enable them sell improved energy solutions.

ISEES also provides entrepreneurship, marketing and business development training for these sales outlets to be able to improve their business operations and increase market share.

Sales outlets include small shops, supermarkets, door to door vendors and cooperative groups.

Through ISEES Technology Deployment Unit, innovative solutions such as improved charcoal stoves, improved gasifier stoves, pellets, briquettes as well as solar lanterns, solar home systems, Water purification equipment, LED Bulbs and energy efficient solutions are being made available to the general public.

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