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ISEES seeks to promote access to renewable energy and environmental solutions to bottom of the pyramid households, small enterprises, and local women associations to improve their livelihoods. To achieve this, ISEES visits women groups in rural communities to create awareness and train them on the benefits of switching to improved energy and environmental solutions to reduce their energy expenditure, reduce deforestation and air pollution by adopting improved cookstoves and solar lighting solutions as well as water purification equipment for healthy living.

As part of these activities, ISEES staff visited women groups in the district to educate them on the benefits of switching to improved technologies. These women groups include the Palm kernel Oil Processors in the Madina Nsamampom area, of the social welfare office. ISEES is partnering also with Hopeline Institute to increase financial services to these women groups to be able to procure and use renewable energy solutions.

ISEES believes that behavioral change communication is important to help increase the adoption of renewable energy and environmental solutions. Most people are still not aware of the immense benefits that renewable energy solutions bring to improving their livelihoods.

ISEES hope to through this awareness creation campaign reach out to the majority of women groups and trade associations to help them adopt improved energy and environmental services for improved livelihood.

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