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ECREEE LOGO 2ISEES in partnership with the West African Clean Cooking Alliance of the ECOWAS Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) partners to promote access to clean gasifier cookstoves for households and small enterprises in rural and peri-urban areas of Ghana through innovative business models. ISEES has received a grant of 10,000 Euro for the “Scaling Up Access to Clean Gasifier Stoves for Bottom of the Pyramid Households in Ghana Project” Through this facility, ISEES aims to promote access to over 300 improved gasifier cookstoves for households in the Eastern, Ashanti and Greater Accra and northern regions of Ghana under the first pilot phase of the project.

Gasifier stoves to be promoted includes the Prime Stoves, The Philips Stove and the Elsa Biochar Stove that uses agricultural waste, palm kernel shells and pellets and briquettes for household cooking.

ISEES is committed to creating sustainable markets and supporting underprivileged women in agro-processing to improve their livelihoods, reduce exposure to air pollution that affects their health and reduced deforestation.

There is a large number of women involved in agro-processing in the rural and peri-urban areas whose waste can be used as fuels for cooking, for which only clean burning gasifier stoves have the potential to enhance cleaner combustion, however these women still uses traditional three stone stoves for cooking and thier agro-waste are also mostly thrown away or burnt causing high levels of air pollution in the communities.

ISEES envisages that through the scaled up gasifier stoves program, ISEES will be able to help Ghana acheive its bioenergy policy by effectively utilizing biomass waste for clean cooking, improving gender effectiveness and inclusion in clean cooking and creating employment for youth as sales agents to enhance the deployment of clean cookstoves in Ghana.



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