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ISEES Consultancy Center provides consultancy services in research, training, community mobilization and business development in the energy, environment, natural resources, biodiversity, water and sanitation sectors in Ghana and Africa.

ISEES has a relevant faculty of expertise with many years of experience in consultancy services delivering expert quality services to both national and international development and research institutions as well as corporate and industry actors in Ghana, Africa and Europe.

We are keen in delivering high quality consultancy services to ensure efficient support to partner institutions, clients and industry we work with.

Find below some of our consultancy services activities

  1. NEXUS Consulting – Research Study into the Charcoal Value Chain in Ghana – With University of Nottingham
  2. World Education Incorporated – Integrated Schools Program for Clean Cooking Energy (INSPOCCE) – ISEES conducts research in northern Ghana on the Levels of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of Teachers, Students and Community Members regarding clean cooking and climate change and to put together a synthesis report and use research findings to review and integrate Clean Cooking into Ghana’s Basic Education Curriculum at the Junior High School Levels.
  3. Consultancy to design and develop improved cookstoves technologies for rural households
  4. Others not reported here.

Please contact [email protected] for joint consultancy and project development initiatives.