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Household Energy

ISEES household energy program seeks to increase access to sustainable energy and environmental solutions to households in urban, peri-urban and rural and off-grid households in Ghana and parts of West Africa.

ISEES believes that access to efficient, affordable and reliable energy products and services is a pre-condition for development. ISEES household energy program adopts the use of education, and technology to ensure that households are aware of the benefits of switching from the use of traditional technologies to improved energy and environmental technologies that improves their standards of living, health and environment.

ISEES promotes acess to solar lanterns with phone charging units, solar home systems, solar generators, solar water pumps, clean cookstoves that uses various fuels (improved charcoal, pellets, briquette, ethanol, firewood and LPG); ethanol fuels, LED Bulbs and water filtering equipment, to improve livelihoods.

ISEES uses innovative business models to help households gain access to sustainable energy solutions including rent to own business model, save to own business model, last mile entrepreneurs, pop up shops, group savings scheme, and currently exploring solar barter through the exchange of products for energy program to help increase access to households. ISEES also ensures that delivery of products and services is coupled with pre-access education and awareness as well as post access support and maintenance support services to ensure end-user confidence in products

End-users include urban slums dwellers, low income households, households in off-grid communities, rural and peri-urban dwellers and island communities.

ISEES seeks to partner with development partners, private sector and other groups and associations to enhance access to sustainable energy products and services to improve the standard of living in off-grid households.

Besides households, ISEES also promotes access to sustainable energy solutions to small enterprises and low income trade associations through our Sustainable Energy for Small Businesses Program. Please visit for more details.