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ISEES develops Innovative Business Models for Deployment of Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy market based solutions are needed to increase access to the rural poor and those who needs it most whiles creating jobs for local entrepreneurs and enabling the market for sustained supply of clean energy solutions. Subsidies alone do not provide the long term solution for deployment of Clean Energy Technologies on sustainable basis.


ISEES enhances this through research with focus on the market, training of local entrepreneurs, testing of business models and deploying of technologies in partnership with technology producers and entrepreneurs. And providing advisory services to local businesses to ensure sustainable integration of market solutions for deployment of technologies.

Business Models such as direct sales, rent to own, save to own, build operate and transfer, participatory community based approaches, piggy backing, last mile entrepreneurs, inclusive financing schemes among others are being extensively researched and developed to provide advisory services to local businesses, project developers and institutions to be able to enhance market penetration of clean energy and environmental technologies including solar, biogas, clean cookstoves, improved kilns, water purification equipment among others.

ISEES undertakes research into market based approaches for deployment of renewable energy solutions on a sustainable basis. Such solutions are tailored towards the right market segments as well as the cultural and behavior of the various populations within countries in sub-saharan Africa in order to ensure market penetration and sales.

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