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Clean Cooking Innovation Center

The Clean Cooking Innovation Center is a center promoting research, innovation, training, entrepreneurship & market development of clean cookstoves and cooking fuels in Ghana and Africa.

The Center serves as a design and engineering lab to provide skills training as well as support young entrepreneurs to develop innovative and highly efficient and modern cookstoves and fuels for the Ghana and African Market.

The Center supports the development of stoves such as gasifier stoves, improved charcoal stoves, firewood stoves, ethanol stoves, LPG, Biogas and Solar and Electric stoves for both households and institutions – agro-processors) as well as fuels (such as briquettes, pellets, and ethanol) in Ghana.

The Center also provides training for youth in improved cookstoves design and fabrication, efficiency testing, market testing, and offer improvements.

The Center provides market development and innovative business models for modern and efficient cookstoves in Ghana and the West African Market by supporting the development of business models to enhance market access. Through market research, piloting, deployment and delivering of clean cookstoves among others.

The Center also provides entrepreneurship incubation and acceleration support for young clean cooking and fuel manufacturing entrepreneurs to be able to develop and grow sustainable businesses in the clean cooking sector.

The Center is open to partnership with development partners, stakeholders, etc to support the growth of clean cooking initiatives in Ghana and Africa.

The Center is collaborating closely with the Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and Fuels to enhance the development of innovative made in Ghana cookstoves in Africa.

Technical Skills Training

ISEES CCIC provides technical skills training in engineering, design and fabrication and testing of clean cookstoves in Ghana.

The CCIC and the ISEES Engineering Faculty is developing a curriculum for training and certification of youth in clean cooking up to the Diploma level in Ghana.

CCIC receives university students and graduates as well as staff of cleancooking companies and trains them in design and fabrication of clean cookstoves in Ghana.

Enterpreneurship Incubation and Acceleration

ISEES - CCIC provides entrepreneurship incubation support for Clean Cooking and Fuel entrepreneurs to develop, with entrepreneurship training, mentoring support, seed funding and investment readiness to help young entrepreneurs and existing clean cooking manufactuing companies to incubate and accelerate their businesses CCIC seeks to partner with Sustainability Hub ( to mentor and develop cleancooking entrepreneurs in Ghana

Market Development

ISEES CCIC provides market development support for clean cooking technologies in Ghana through piloting and developing innovative business models

CCIC helps incoming clean cookstoves to pilot the market in Ghana and West Africa through market research, business model development, marketing and promotion of modern cookstoves and fuels in Ghana.

CCIC and team understands the culture of cooking in Ghana and West Africa and develops approprioate business models to reach the last mile.


ISEES CCIC contributes to policy making and the development of clean cooking strategies through evidence based research, stakeholder engagements, policy briefs, campaigns, research and database development to contribute to a clear strategy for cookstoves development in Ghana and West Africa.

CCIC holds stakeholder forums in clean cooking and fuels to enable stakeholders dialogue and contribiute do knowledge sharing in Ghana and Africa.

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