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IMG_20160821_154225The Biogas Association of Ghana (BAG) has been formed at a practitioners meeting in Accra to promote biogas technologies in Ghana and also improve capacity of practitioners and standards in Ghana. ISEES was part of the inauguration of the Ghana Biogas Association which was under the auspices of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Center for Clean Production Technologies and the Switch Africa Green Project.

The need to form the association was key because of the challenges being faced in the biogas sector in Ghana, including failing digesters, lack of standards, low capacity of some practitioners as well as the high need to create awareness on the benefits of and efficient utilisation of biogas systems for waste management, improved sanitation and energy and organic fertilizer generation.

Dr. Elias Aklaku and Dr. Idan was appointed Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively among other members of the interim executive Board who will put together the constitution, operational guidelines and standards for the strengthening of the biogas sector.

Dr. Elias Aklaku, a biogas Expert and Fellow of the Energy Center shared his experiences on biogas and educated members on the technical aspects of biogas whiles Dr Idan shared experiences on the business aspects of the biogas business.

The workshop to establish the association was also opened by the Director of the Environmental Protection Agency.

ISEES hopes to build the skills of practitioners, artisans and members of the association in improved production technologies in the biogas sector using a curriculum designed by the EPA as well as organize seminars and workshops on improved methods of construction, designing and promoting biogas technologies in Ghana.

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