pul ap1Access to modern, affordable and reliable energy products and services is a precondition for development. ISEES promotes access to clean energy (solar, clean cookstoves, and biogas ‘waste to energy’) for households and small enterprises in Ghana. ISEES also advocates for energy efficiency by promoting behavioral change communication and the deployment of efficient appliances for households and institutions in off-grid communities. ISEES seeks to reduce energy expenditure, deforestation and air-pollution by providing clean energy solutions with focus on bottom-of-the-pyramid households and agro-processing groups in rural and peri-urban areas.

ISEES also promotes sustainable fuels – pellets, briquettes and sustainable woodlots as well as gel fuels for clean cooking.

ISEES is a member of the Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GHACC), The Sustainable Energy Network Ghana (SENG), Association of Ghana Solar Industries (AGSI), Renewable Energy Association of Ghana (REAG), and the newly formed Biogas Association of Ghana (BAG).



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