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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programs

Access to modern, affordable and reliable energy products and services is a precondition for development. ISEES promotes access to clean energy (solar, clean cookstoves, and biogas ‘waste to energy’) for households and small enterprises in Ghana. ISEES also advocates for energy efficiency by promoting behavioral change communication and the deployment of efficient appliances for households and institutions in off-grid communities. ISEES seeks to reduce energy expenditure, deforestation and air-pollution by providing clean energy solutions with focus on bottom-of-the-pyramid households and agro-processing groups in rural and peri-urban areas.

With strong emphasis on off-grid energy access, ISEES promotes solar PV, Solar thermal, bioenergy, clean cookstoves and fuels, biogas and biomass gasification and energy efficient appliances through capacity building, technology deployment, research and sustainable market development in Ghana and Africa

ISEES also promotes sustainable fuels – pellets, briquettes and sustainable woodlots as well as gel fuels for clean cooking.

ISEES is a member of the Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GHACC), The Sustainable Energy Network Ghana (SENG), Association of Ghana Solar Industries (AGSI), Renewable Energy Association of Ghana (REAG), and the newly formed Biogas Association of Ghana (BAG).

Solar PV 

ISEES promotes Solar systems, and provides training in solar design and installation. Technologies includes Solar Lanterns, Solar Home Systems, Solar Water Pumping for households and irrigation, Solar Dryers for Food crop drying and exploring solar minigrids for rural and industrial electrification.

Bioenergy Solutions

ISEES promotes Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions including clean cooking, sustainable fuels (briquettes, pellets, ethanol), sustainable woodlot, Efficient Kilns for charcoal production, Biogas and Biofill Toilets, Waste to Energy Technologies, Biomass Gasification, Cookstoves for Agro-processing and the training of youth and women in the installation and use of innovative bioenergy solutions.

What we’ve been up to


Clean Cookstoves Technology Promotion

ISEES believes in promoting access to clean cookstoves and sustainable fuels to households and institutions to improve the health, livelihoods and Ecosystem of women and reduce climate change…continue reading 


Affordable Solar Lighting Solutions

ISEES promotes access to affordable solar lighting solutions to households and institutions. Through education, technology deployment,project development and behavioral change communication…continue reading


Energy for Productive Uses

To enhance productivity in small and medium scale enterprises, agro-processing associations, industries and institutions, ISEES promotes deployment of technologies for businesses to improve efficiency in a safe way…continue reading 


Access to Sustainable Sanitation

ISEES under its water and sanitation division is promoting access to sustainable household toilets, and biogas systems to reduce the challenge of open defecation in rural areas and urban slum communities in Ghana and Africa…continue reading 

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Waste to Energy (Biogas) Solutions for Households and Institutions

ISEES seeks to promote biogas technologies for liquid waste treatment in communities in Ghana and Africa. ISEES is a member of the Biogas Association of Ghana and also represents on the Executive Board of BAG…continue reading


Behavioral Change Communication

ISEES Community Development and Outreach Unit enhances behavioral change communication, awareness and education in local communities to drive access to energy and environmental solutions at grassroots level.,…continue reading 



Lighting Homes Program (Solar Lighting Promotion Program)

ISEES promotes access to sustainable lighting for households, businesses, and communities through innovative business models that catalyze a sustainable market and inclusive business for rural and off-grid communities as well as urban poor households.

ISEES has a solar for food vendors program, solar lanterns distribution program coupled with education, solar for schools programs and initiatives to enhance access to clean solar energy for households and local communities


Solar Home Systems Installation

ISEES promotes innovative ways of access to solar lighting for small businesses and communities. Through the promotion of the installation of solar home systems for businesses and communities as well as mini-grid solutions. This also includes integrated hybrid solar systems that address local lighting needs, communication and business operations.


Energy Efficiency in households and Industries

ISEES promotes energy conservation and energy efficiency through education, advisory services, promotion of energy-efficient technologies, energy monitoring systems, HVAC and efficient building solutions to enhance energy cost savings and sustainable energy management solutions for households, institutions and industry in Ghana and Africa.

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Training in Solar Lighting Solutions

ISEES provides training in Solar Energy Entrepreneurship to build the capacity of solar professionals and technicians in the renewable energy space. ISEES training includes hands-on practical training in the design and installation of solar lighting systems, maintenance, development of innovative solar lighting solutions that helps address various community needs including pay as you go solar systems among others.


Technology Deployment

ISEES conducts research to develop climate smart technologies in energy environment and agriculture for improved human lives.


Sustainable Market Development

ISEES department specializes in developing innovative business models for improved access to sustainable technologies


Inclusive Business Development

ISEES seeks to enhance inclusive business approaches by involving marginalized youth, women and entrepreneurs in the energy access value chain


Business Incubation

ISEES develops sustainable businesses in the energy and environment sectors through nurturing innovative ideas by youth in Ghana and Africa