ISEES promotes human development with focus on access to water, sanitation and health. ISEES does this through community education, installation of clean water solutions, improved technology for sanitation and occupational health for small and medium scale enterprises.

Access to clean, available and accessible water is necessary for human sustenance. ISEES currently promotes water filtering equipment, and education about water protection and pollution. ISEES promotes sanitation through waste management, waste to energy (biogas, Anaerobic Baffled Reactors, Reverse Engineering for water purification) and also protection of water bodies.

ISEES promotes sanitation services by encouraging clean communities, promoting of innovative solutions for community and household sanitation, clean toilets, biogas digesters, waste recycling for reuse.

ISEES promotes awareness on occupational health and Hygiene among small and medium scale enterprise and trade assocations. Most SMEs such as welders, food processors,  sprayers, agro-processing associations etc do not use appropriate safety gadgets in their operations and this exposes their bodies to harmful substances that are hazardous to their health, ISEES through advocacy campaigns, awareness creation and training initiatives promotes occupational health among SMEs to ensure safety.