We promote innovative solutions for increased access to sustainable energy and climate smart eco-systems to improve human livelihoods and environment of households, communities and small enterprises in rural and peri-urban areas in Africa.

Our services include climate smart technology promotion, capacity building, research, advisory services, policy advocacy and technology deployment

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

ISEES promote energy access through innovative technologies, capacity building and research

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Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources Management

ISEES believes in the conservation of natural resources and its efficient utilization for sustainable development

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Water, Sanitation and Hygeine- WASH

ISEES promotes environmental sanitation through awareness creation, community action, capacity building and technology deployment

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Providing Sustainable Solutions to Energy and Environmental Challenges in Ghana

Ghana is faced with a consistent energy crises and environmental problems that requires sustainable solutions. From policy through research to grassroots activities, there are sustainable solutions that can be enhanced to meet these challenges. ISEES has been established to develop and promote innovative solutions to energy and environmental crisis in Ghana and Africa. In addition, […]