Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Ghana is relatively well endowed with a variety of energy resources including biomass, hydrocarbons, hydropower, solar and wind. It also has the capacity to produce modern biofuels. In terms of primary energy consumption in 2011, 6,138 ktoe (54.2%) was from woodfuels, 3,767 ktoe (33.3%) from oil, 772 ktoe (6.8%) from natural gas, and 650 ktoe […]

Climate Change in Africa

ISEES conduct research into sustainable solutions and implement projects to reduce the impact of climate change on the local economy in Ghana and Africa. Thematic areas include 1. climate Smart Agricultural Technologies 2. Climate change adaptation through the use of renewable energy interventions 3. Reducing carbon emmissions through increased access to improved, clean and efficient […]

Solar Technologies for Rural Lighting and Energy Access

ISEES promotes the use of solar energy equipment for lighting, heating, water pumping and community lighting. We provide solutions  through the dissemination of appropriate solar technologies for solving off-grid community challenges. We also provide sustainable financing schemes for helping pro-poor communities and households increase access to and use of solar technologies. We partner with the private […]

Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solutions

Areas of Operation

ISEES – Areas of Operation: 1. Sustainable and Clean Energy Solutions 2. Sustainable Environmental Solutions 3. Sustainable Community Development 4. Food and nutrition security   1. Sustainable and Clean Energy Sotions a. Biomass Energy – (gasification, afforestation, community fuelwood plantations and management, briquetting of biomass waste etc) b. Clean and Improved Cookstoves and Clean Fuels development, […]

Welcome to Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solutions -ISEES

The Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solutions (ISEES) is a not for profit non-governmental institution duly registered in Ghana to promote innovative and sustainable solutions to Ghana’s energy and environmental challenges through research, capacity building, technology development and transfer, evidence based policy advocacy and community development. ISEES aims to be the hub of knowledge […]

Providing Sustainable Solutions to Energy and Environmental Challenges in Ghana

Ghana is faced with a consistent energy crises and environmental problems that requires sustainable solutions. From policy through research to grassroots activities, there are sustainable solutions that can be enhanced to meet these challenges. ISEES has been established to develop and promote innovative solutions to energy and environmental crisis in Ghana and Africa. In addition, […]