ISEES through its Technology Deployment and Marketing Unit has begun a Renewable Energy Market Development Program (REMADEP) to bring modern renewable energy solutions to the doorsteps of grassroots communities and households with the aim at creating awareness and making these solutions accessible by households and community members.

ISEES through this effort has therefore conducted open market exhibitions in various places, participation in events and programs to educate people on renewable energy solutions, as well as embarked on door to door campaigns and meetings with groups and associations to create awareness and provide energy solutions for easy access.

ISEES through the REMADEP program has showcased energy solutions at churches – Agape House Church Fanfare, Workshops – on climate change, Open Market Sales in the Madina and Obojo communities.

ISEES has also embarked on education and sales outreach program in schools to educate school teachers on various renewable enegy solutions including solar lanterns, clean cookstoves, LED Bulbs and biogas solutions as well as water filtering equipment.

ISEES hopes to partner with institutions and organisations to scale up this program in order to make renewable energy solutions affordable and accessible to rural and peri-urban end-users in Ghana.

ISEES seeks to embark on a Renewable Energy Road Show in 2017 with efforts to bring energy solutions to the districts and regions in rural areas in Ghana. ISEES seeks partnership for this.