Access to modern, affordable and efficient energy solutions is a precondition for development. However, households and small enterprises are unable to afford switching to these new technologies because of cost. ISEES has initiated a CLEAN ENERGY SAVINGS SCHEME to encourage women groups, households, and small enterprises to save to get access to solar lanterns, clean cookstoves, energy efficient LED bulbs and water purification equipment for improved livelihoods in Ghana. The project is being piloted in Ejisu and Madina in the Ashanti and Greater Accra Regions respectively.

Through a Clean Energy Savings Scheme initiated in January 2016,  households and Small Enterprise owners are able to save money over a period of time to enable them gain access to clean energy Technologies. A savings passbook has been developed that enables small savings by women, youth and families to contribute to change their traditional technologies to clean technologies. The model is gaining ground and also contributing to financial inclusive education, inculcating savings culture in people.  

ISEES is partnering with microfinance institutions in various communities to enhance savings mobilization and education for increased access to clean energy technologies.

ISEES invites partnerships with new micro-finance institutions to support its savings scheme for clean energy access program.

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